My name is Jeridel. I’m author and illustrator of The Ends Don’t Tie with Bunny Rabbits and Ang Nanay Ko (“My Mother”). I used to live in Japan as an English teacher.

About The Ends Don’t Tie with Bunny Rabbits

Magical realism is about the extraordinary in the ordinary, the tiny purple nail standing among tall grey nails. I’m fascinated by that purple nail and writing. I decided to review magical realism books here because I wanted to give authors a steady two-by-four to stand on.

Why do I review only magical realism, children’s books, and science fiction?

I love books, but that doesn’t mean I have zero preferences. I love the oddities in magical realism, the straightforward messages in children’s books, and the science in science fiction. Also, I believe that as an adult, I should have grown-up tastes. Magical realism makes you dig for the real meaning; children’s books reminds us all that we were once kids; and good science fiction makes you think of all the unmade inventions you once invented as a youth.

Want to reach me? Please use the contact form below.

About the book? The Ends Don’t Tie with Bunny Rabbits is a small collection of short stories in the magical realism genre. You can get a free e-copy by using the contact form above, or you can click on one of the buttons below to purchase or borrow a copy for your e-reader.

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