The First Books


When I held a giveaway on Goodreads, I gave away five copies of my book. Since I used Createspace for publishing my book, I ordered the discounted copies they offer for the authors (or you can pay full price for your own books through Amazon). Unfortunately, after I confirmed the giveaway winners and the books were ordered, my timing was off.

The books didn’t arrive after three weeks.

I live in Japan, so it’s easy to think, “Maybe the books are delayed overseas.” But I know from ordering books through Amazon (usually ships from the U.S.), Ebay (ships from various locations), and Book Depository (ships from the U.K.) that it takes only one week for books to reach my location in Japan. I emailed Createspace’s Member Services about the situation, and they replaced my order. It wasn’t my fault to expect the books in a timely manner. After all, my replacement order came in one week’s time.

But I do have to hand it to Createspace. They remedied the situation without any hassles and in a timely manner. I received a confirmation email about submitting a concern to them, and in twenty-four hours, they provided me with a solution (the replacement order) without any extra costs. In most situations, Member Services would put a hole in your consciousness just to squeeze out a dime from your wallet because, well, there’s no trust. It’s only business, right?

So what’s the lesson learned here? Don’t have high expectations in self-publishing. It’s not to discourage you from thinking highly of your book (that, you should do). It’s just everyone else out there who can let you down. Keep your expectations standard and don’t get down just because something or someone didn’t come through for you.


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