2 Days

Official book launch is September 30th, 2012!

Let’s start with “T” today: typhoons, twenty-eighth, twenty-seventh, and twenty-four. A super typhoon rolled through Okinawa, Japan on  September twenty-eighth–my twenty-seventh birthday. The typhoon yanked power away from us for about twenty-four hours, leaving my husband feeling uncomfortable (he gets upset at the slightest increase in temperature) and us without internet. Those things alone, you realize how dependent we are on technology. When all the power disappeared from our tiny Japanese apartment, a silence permeated the air, and you’re faced with seeing the world as it is. The world can be peaceful–if we allowed it. But there’s so much in-fighting between each other and ourselves, electronics just cover up serenity with noise. Once in a while, it’s good to step back and see ourselves before technology swallows us whole.


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