Attention, Magical Realism! I Review!

The Ends Don’t Tie with Bunny Rabbits isn’t just about my book–it’s a blog for anyone in the magical realism genre. Magical realism is still relatively new compared to other genres of literature.

If this is your first or second time doing a book review request, please carefully read my book review policy below and How to Do a Book Review Request.

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I’d prefer to review indie or self-published writers, but I’ll review your work as long as it fits into the magical realism genre within 120 pages.

Acceptable genres aside from magical realism:

-science fiction,

-speculative fiction,

-contemporary fiction,


-travel writing,

-Japan-related fiction,

-short story collections, and

-children’s stories.

Genres that will NOT be accepted are:

-sports (outside of basketball),



-erotica and/or sex,





-young adult, YA (Harry Potter, Twilight, and books like these will be automatically deleted),

-New Adult,

-poetry, and


If your work isn’t in the magical realism genre, your request may be rejected. Also, accepted reviews may not be posted on this website.

Acceptable reviews will be posted on:

-this blog,




-Barnes and Noble,

-iTunes (if an e-book),

-San Diego Book Reviewer Club,

-and Smashwords (please provide a coupon code).

I will deliver a review appropriate to the work’s content, plot and character development, and overall style. I’m also a stickler for grammar (being that I am an English teacher). Please make sure your request and your work(s) follow correct English grammar! Please see my policy on English grammar.

Ways to get a request rejection:

-Attaching anything to the email or request.

-Writing a synopsis with poor grammar or cliche lines.

-Adding how your book compares to other famous books (i.e. “It’s Harry Potter meets Fifty Shades of Grey!”).

-Sending multiple requests and follow-up emails.

-Requesting a review for an unfinished book.

-Not providing a link to a sample available on Amazon.

Ready to request a book request? Fill out the form below!

*Please DO NOT post review requests in the Comments section.

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  1. This is clearly written at the top of this post:

    “*Please do not post review requests in the Comments section.”


  2. Hi, a quick question: you ask in your submission forms to supply a link to chapter one. Since my novella is only published through Amazon, the link I’ve supplied only goes to the free sample of chapter one that Amazon allows people to read. Is this cool, or do you require more to decide whether or not you’re happy to write a review?

    Thanks for your time, and sorry for using your comments space as a Q&A!



      1. Thank you so much for replying. I already submitted the book, so I don’t want to fill the form in again and mess up your reading list with duplicates. The book is currently available here:

        And is actually free at the moment.

        Otherwise, feel free to read the sample on that page, and I can send you a .mobi file if you’re willing to review it.

        Thanks again for taking the time to check it out,


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